CALL FOR PAPERS: "Gender and Surveillance"


Next issue: Gender and Surveillance—RIAS Vol. 15, Spring–Summer (1/2022)
Guest-edited by Molly Geidel and J.D. Schnepf

From the carceral gaze scripted by Hollywood blockbusters to the normative body anticipated by the TSA’s airport security body scanners, from the U.S. drone program’s gendered definition of “enemy combatant,” to legal regimes that alternately ban and mandate face coverings, the gendered histories of surveillance inform the way we know the world and come to be known in turn. Across areas including immigration, medicine, consumer behavior, and national security, as well as digital, literary, popular, and visual culture, gender emerges as a key site through which techniques of surveillance continue to be vigorously enacted and contested. (Click here to read the full CFP)

CALL FOR PAPERS: “Car Culture(s): Machines, Roads, Mythologies”


Next issue: Car Culture(s): Machines, Roads, MythologiesRIAS Vol. 14, Fall–Winter (2/2021)
Guest-edited by Marcin Mazurek

 From Henry Ford’s 1908 Model T, which offered millions a means of affordable transportation, to Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster, launched into space to orbit the sun in 2018, cars have been shaping American horizons, both real and imaginary, like no other object of daily use, inspiring dreams of prosperity, mobility and a brighter future. They have colonized teenagers’ bedroom walls and built multinational corporations, in the process irreversibly changing lifestyles and seriously influencing the formation of American identity, as well as becoming indispensable components of American dreams and nightmares alike. (Click here to read the full CFP)