Presidential Address


Giorgio Mariani's Presidential Address at the 6th World Congress of the International American Studies Association, Szczecin, Poland, followed by the introduction of the central themes of the present issue.

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Published : 2015-05-01

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Giorgio Mariani
President, International American Studies Association ‘Sapienza’ University of Rome, Italy  Italy
Giorgio Mariani, is Professor of American Literature at the ‘Sapienza’ University of Rome, where he coordinates the Doctoral Program in English-language literatures. Currently serving as President of the International American Studies Association, he has also served as a member of the Executive Board of the Italian Association of North American Studies (AISNA), He is one of the co-editors of the Italian journal of American Studies Ácoma, as well as a member of the editorial boards of Fictions and RIAS—The Review of International American Studies. His work has concentrated on nineteenth-century American writers (Emerson, Melville, Stephen Crane, and others); on contemporary American Indian literature; on literary theory; on the literary and cinematic representation of war. He has published, edited, and co-edited several volumes, including Spectacular Narratives. Representations of Class and War in the American 1890s (1992), Post-tribal Epics. The Native American Novel between Tradition and Modernity (1996) and Le parole e le armi (Words and Arms), a collection of essays on US discourses of war and violence from the Puritans to the first Gulf War. His essays and reviews have appeared in many journals, including American Literary History, Studies in American Fiction, Fictions, RIAS, RSA Journal, Stephen Crane Studies. Mariani has recently completed a book manuscript titled Waging War on War. Peacefighting in American Literature (University of Illinois Press).

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