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As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  • The submission has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration (or an explanation has been provided in Comments to the Editor).

  • The submission file is in OpenOffice, Microsoft Word or RTF document file format.

  • The text adheres to the stylistic and bibliographic requirements (APA style) outlined in the Author Guidelines.

  • I ensure that paper submitted to Political Preferences is written with the Code of Ethics

Before submitting your manuscript to Political Preferences, please ensure you carefully read and adhere to the authors' guidelines and instructions. Submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines. Only manuscripts of sufficient quality that meet the aims and scope of Political Preferences will be reviewed. There are no fees payable to submit or publish in this journal. The authors submit their manuscripts via the OJS platform


Editorial requirements

The submitting manuscripts should adhere to the stylistic and bibliographic requirements of APA style and instructions for Authors outlined below.

Volume: Up to 40 000 characters.
File Format: OpenOffice (odt), MS Word (doc, docx) or RTF file document.
Font: 12 Times New Roman
Line spacing: 1.5 lines
Margins: 2.5 cm (left, right, up, down)
Justify: All text justify both sides
Page numbering: Page numbers throughout the text at the bottom right
Headings: Please split the text into intertitles. Intertitles to the left justify and bold (not numbered)
The beginning of the paragraph: Tabs 1.25 cm
Discursive and Explanatory Notes: At the bottom of the page. Consecutive numbering

· should be mentioned at the end of the article.
· should be included only those items cited in the article.
· should be drawn up alphabetically.
· should be drawn up in APA style.

The reference examples in APA style are presented below:
- Journals article (one author)
Markowski, R. (1999). Polski system partyjny po wyborach z 1997 roku - instytucjonalizacja czy wichrowatość. Studia polityczne, 9, 7-37.

  • Parenthetical citation: (Markowski, 1999)
  • Narrative citation: Markowski (1999)

- Journals article (two authors)
Krouwel, A., & Lucardie, P. (2008). Waiting in the wings: New parties in the Netherlands. Acta Politica, 43(2-3), 278-307.

  • Parenthetical citation: (Krouwel & Lucardie, 2008)
  • Narrative citation: Markowski and Lucardie (2008)

- Journals article (three or more authors)
 Kukovič, S., Haček, M. & Bukovnik, A. (2016). The Issue of Local Autonomy in the Slovenian Local Government System. Lex Localis - Journal Of Local Self-Government, 14(3), 303-320.

  • Parenthetical citation: (Kukovič et al., 2016)
  • Narrative citation: Kukovič et al. (2008)

Krouwel, A. (2012). Party transformations in European democracies. Suny Press.
Grabowska, M., & Szawiel, T. (2001). Budowanie demokracji: podziały społeczne, partie polityczne i społeczeństwo obywatelskie w postkomunistycznej Polsce. Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN.

  • Parenthetical citations: (Krouwel, 2012; Grabowska & Szawiel, 2001)
  • Narrative citations: Krouwel (2019), Grabowska and Szawiel (2001)

Edited books:
Alberski, R., & Cichosz, M. (2017). Gra o regiony 2014: wybory do sejmików województw. Instytut Politologii Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego.

  • Parenthetical citation: (Alberski & Cichosz, 2017)
  • Narrative citation: Alberski and Cichosz (2017)

Chapter in an Edited Book:
Chmaj, M. (1998). Rząd Tadeusza Mazowieckiego. In M. Chmaj, & M. Żmigrodzki (Eds.), Gabinety koalicyjne w Polsce w latach 1989-1996 (pp. 49–69). Wydawnictwo UMCS.

  • Parenthetical citation: (Chmaj, 1998)
  • Narrative citation: Chmaj (1998)

Public opinion reports:
CBOS. (2015). Zaufanie do polityków w ostatnich dniach kampanii wyborczej (Komunikat z Badań nr 144/2015). Centrum Badania Opinii Społecznej.

  • Parenthetical citation: (CBOS, 2008)
  • Narrative citation: CBOS (2008)

Articles in Magazines/Newspapers:
Rokita, J. M., & Ujazdowski, K. M. (2008). Nowa konstytucja pomoże naprawić państwo. Rzeczpospolita, 10.03.

  • Parenthetical citation: (Rokita & Ujazdowski, 2008)
  • Narrative citation: Rokita and Ujazdowski (2008)

Internet resources:
Magierowski, M. (2008). Mędrzec., 205926_Medrzec.html (23/10/2008).

  • Parenthetical citation: (Magierowski, 2008)
  • Narrative citation: Magierowski (2008)

If you have any doubts about referencing, see the APA STYLE page for other examples.