Declaration, Information for Authors, A Review Sheet

Information for authors of 'International Journal of Research in E-learning'
Publishing in the journal "International Journal of Research in E-learning’" demands from the authors fulfilling the formal, content, and technical requirements. An author should place a statement of authenticity of the text and should confirm that the text has not been published earlier in any publishing house.
The editors accept authors’ materials both in the electronic version (.doc or .rtf files) and in the printed form.
The editors do not return sent materials and stipulate the right to make formal changes and indispensable abridgements.
Technical requirements for texts
Volume: max. 0.5 of an editorial sheet; word editing program: Word for Windows; body text: font Times New Roman 12 points, leading 1.5; footnotes: font 10 points, leading 1 – end of each page; indention – 1 cm; margins – 2.5 cm; language: English.
The following should be attached: summary (max. 0.5 of a page) in English, Polish and Russian, with the translation author provided; key wordsbibliography in alphabetical arrangement; brief note about the author
The author should provide illustrative materials (photographs, diagrams, tables) as separate black-and-white or grey-scale graphic files.

Template of Article

Authors statement article in journal  [DOC]

Authors statement article in journal  [PDF]

Template IJREL for author