Kant’s systemic reception in the thought of the contemporary Russian philosopher Leonard A. Kalinnikov

Pylyp Bilyi


The purpose of this article is to present the views of the Russian philosopher Leonard Alexandrovich Kalinnikov on Kant’s philosophy. This article demonstrates one of the important aspects thinks Kaliningrad resident, namely the rules interpretation system of Kant. The article consists of three parts, the first presents a brief biography of the Russian thinker, the second presents ten rules, without which the thoughts of Kalinnikov can not do any decent system researcher Kant, the third contains conclusions.
This reception is based on an earlier esoteric-teleological assumption about the whole system. Kant’s System, according to Kalinnikov, must be reconstructed and presented on the basis of three Critiques, which organically contain internal rules for their interpretation. As a final of the nine principles of interpretation, Kalinnikov proposes one universal principle of the unity of the world. This principle consists in the monistic reading of the question about human, which is intended to encapsulate the system in its entirety as a world of phenomena, things-in-themselves, and their human mediator.


history of philosophy; Kant studies; interpretations of Kant's; neo-kantianism; Kalinnikov; Kant

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Published : 2021-01-29

BilyiP. (2021). Kant’s systemic reception in the thought of the contemporary Russian philosopher Leonard A. Kalinnikov. Folia Philosophica, 43, 1-17. https://doi.org/10.31261/fp.7933

Pylyp Bilyi  philipbielyi@gmail.com
University of Silesia in Katowice  Poland

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