Peer Review Process

This journal is published bi-annually and consists of articles submitted to us directly or solicited (by invitation). Each text is peer-reviewed in a double blind refereeing process by referees who are members of the Editorial Board, which consists of both Polish scholars and foreign experts in the area, and represents the wide range of research interests of its members. We also invite and use the expertise of other scholars working in the field of second language acquisition.

The criteria by which the submissions are evaluated include appropriateness of the scope, contribution to the field in terms of originality, links with the existing literature, appropriateness of the research methodology, quality of research and clarity of discussion and presentation.

Typically, the review process takes up to four weeks, and the referees are assigned by the editors on the basis of the area of their expertise.

Review process for the journal Theory and Practice of Second Language Acquisition (timeline)

  1. The editor in chief will send the text for the reviews or will reject it within three days after it has been submitted.
  2. Each reviewer has four weeks for completion of the review. (Unfortunately this period is occasionally exceeded, in which case the editorial board will send a reminder, but if the scheduled review period exceeds five weeks, a new reviewer will be selected.)
  3. A selected reviewer is requested to confirm acceptance of the review assignment in the space of one week.
  4. Generally texts will undergo two rounds of reviews during the review process; in a few cases there will be one round of review and sometimes three.
  5. The author has two to three months for the submission of the revised and corrected text.
  6. It is difficult to generalize about the total length of the review process in the case of individual texts. Given the above-listed framework of deadlines, it can be expected that the entire process will take:
  • with one round of reviews: one to two months
  • with two rounds of reviews: up to four months, etc.
  1. The decision of the editor in chief at each stage of the review process will be made within three days of the reception of the complete set of two reviews.
  2. In the case of conflicting reviews, a third reviewer will be selected.

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