About the Journal

Focus and Scope

“Ecumeny and Law” is an international scientific journal published since 2013 (as annual and since 2021 as a semiannual) by University of Silesia Press.

An open forum provided for the legal thought, gives the Church an occasion to engage in dialogue with the world that concerns the way of implementing such universal principles as: respect for life, dignity and rights of the human being, freedom, tolerance and, in a wider social dimension – advocating the value of marriage, family, as well as solidarity with the poor, the weak and socially excluded. The need to perpetuate this dialogue has found its actualization in a periodical “Ecumeny and Law”. Therein, the meeting of theologians representing various Christian churches, and more broadly, the encounter of scholars affiliated to ecumenical movement, with the representatives of legal studies – has as its aim the demonstration of full ecumenical potential of the canon law. The kernel of this dialogue is to call for human being’s subjectivity and unalienable rights, to champion justice, which – in practical terms translates into ensuring the “here-and-now” justice within the basic communities: marriages and families, and consequently – within the societies and nations of nowadays Europe.

The general tenor of the journal should be described as interdisciplinary. Articles are published here presenting a wide range of perspectives, determined each time by the title of the semi-annual volume. We provide a forum for both established experts and new talent with ecumenical sensitivity.

The Readership

Recipients of the journal are representatives of international – ecumenically oriented – university thought: academics, doctoral students, students, in particular specialists and anyone interested in canon law and legal sciences, theological sciences (especially ecumenical theology), sociology, anthropology, philosophy, cultural sciences and a wide group of researchers involved in interdisciplinary studies.


The sections of the journal are: “Ecumenical Theological Thought” (in volume 1 of the semi-annual) and “Ecumenical Juridical Thought” (in volume 2 of the semi-annual), collecting texts referring to research areas related to the title of the volume. Reviews are published in the second part of each volume.

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 The journal received 70 parametric points as a result of the 2021 evaluation and is included in the list of scored journals of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

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