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“Ecumeny and Law” 2023, Vol. 11/1: Marriage Processes in the 21st Century

Part One
Ecumenical Juridical Thought

  • Andrzej Pastwa, The fides – sacramentum matrimonii Relationship in the Post-Synodal Era (2015–). A New Concept of Response to Doctrinal Impulses
  • Damian Němec, Church Tribunals during the Covid-19 Epidemic
  • Jurij Popovič, The Briefer Matrimonial Process Before the Bishop and Ecclesiastical Divorce in the Orthodox Churches
  • Przemysław Kisiel, Piotr Kroczek, Paweł Ulman, What Can Be Said About the Condition of the Contemporary Polish Family in the Light of Marriage Annulment? The Research Findings
  • Ewa Rott-Pietrzyk, The Importance of the Principles of Social Coexistence for Divorce in the Context of Cultural and Social Changes – a Polish Perspective
  • Cătălina Mititelu, The Right to the Marriage According to the Provisions of the Main Legal Instruments of the U.N. and U.E.

Part Two

  • Jurij Popovič: Hierarchical organization of the Church according to the CCEO. Ljubljana: KUD Apokalipsa, 2021, 379 pp. — Stanislav Přibyl
  • Annotated Legal Documents on Islam in Europe – Czech Republic. Compiled, Annotated and Authored by Damián Němec & Zora Hesová. Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2021, 130 pp. — Stanislav Přibyl
  • Maciej Wozniczka: Idee czy ideologie? Znaczenie i wartość edukacji filozoficznej [Ideas or Ideologies? The Meaning and Value of Philosophical Education]. Częstochowa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Humanistyczno-Przyrodniczego im. Jana Długosza, 2021, 208 pp. — Marek Rembierz

“Ecumeny and Law” 2023, Vol. 11/2: Matrimonia Mixta
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