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I. Eligibility rules for publications
1. Preliminary verification of scientific articles is carried out by the Editors. It consists in particular in determining whether the article is consistent with the profile of the journal.
2. The Editorial Board of the Journal may, under reasonable circumstances, accept for publication an article that does not meet the above criteria.
3. Text accepted by the Editorial Board is sent to reviewers who:
a) they comment on: consistency of the content with the title, exhaustion of the topic, evaluation of conclusions, range of materials used,
b) evaluate the linguistic side of the text,
c) they also review the text for compliance with copyright requirements.

II. Other information for Authors
1. Texts submitted to the journal should be written in Polish or in one of the conference languages. Texts not ordered by the Editorial Board shall not be returned.
2. Each text should be accompanied by an abstract and keywords in the language of the article and in English, approximately 400 characters.
3. If the text is accompanied by graphics or photos, they should be sent in separate files with a resolution of min. 300 dpi. Please do not paste graphics in the text. The editors will only accept illustrations to which the authors have rights and which are suitable for printing.
4. Text, abstract, and keywords should be submitted electronically in "rtf", "doc", or "docx" format to
5. The text should be accompanied by a bibliography in a separate file (the method of preparing the bibliography is given below).
6. The editorial office does not charge for the submission of the text, nor does it pay for the publication of the text. Only those texts may be accepted for publication, at the time of deposit of which the author has declared his/her consent to publish the deposited text under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license.
7. The author should include in the article text file next to his/her name, in addition to the affiliation and corespondence address, the ORCID number, and include under the text a statement that he/she agrees to publish the article under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license.
8. Liability arising from publishing rights and copyrights (quotations, reprinting of illustrations, tables and graphs from other sources) is the responsibility of the author.
9. Keep a backup copy of submitted materials on your hard drive or other storage medium until the publication is in print.

III. The following text notation is required:

1. Main text

  • Times New Roman font, size 12, spacing 1.5.
  • Volume - 0.5-3 publishing sheets (1 sheet of 40 thousand characters)
  • Provide the full name of individuals mentioned in the text, along with their ORCID number, unless there are special considerations.
  • Publication names in italics.
  • Terms foreign to the publication text in italics.
  • Quotes of up to three lines in quotation marks.
  • Quotes over three lines highlighted, font size 10.
  • Footnotes are placed before the period that ends a phrase.
  • Use granular parentheses [...].

2. Abbreviation
Abbreviations used in the text should be indicated collectively in the first footnote, or in footnotes the first time an abbreviation is used.

Times New Roman font, size 10, spacing 1.0.

4. Bibliography
a. books, monographs
name initial of author(s) + title of paper in full italics + place and year of publication + pages;
b. collective works:
initial of name and surname of author(s) + title of paper in full italics + [in:] title of collective work in italics + initial of name and surname of editor + place and year of publication + pages;
c. journals:
initial of name and surname of author(s) + title of paper in full italics + title of journal in full italics + place and date of issue + issue number (volume, notebook, etc.) + pages;
d. archival documents:
archive name + collection name + folder reference + document name;
e. web resources:
Page title + page address + access date;
f. abridged citation (of a publication already cited):
J. Kowalski, op. cit., p. 45 in the case of quoting more than one work by a given author: J. Kowalski, Labor Law, p. 45 in case of repetition of the same source: ibid, p. 45.

5. Checking text before sending
Authors are asked to check if the text meets the following criteria. Texts that do not meet the editorial requirements may be rejected.