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ISSN: 2450-4955 (Print) ISSN: 2451-2141 (Online)

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“Philosophy and Canon Law” is an international scientific journal published since 2015 (as annual and since 2021 as a semiannual) by University of Silesia Press. This periodical constitutes an open interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of philosophers and lawyers’ (canonists’) reflections, including representatives of different fields of study. Coping with the issues undertaken in thematic annuals is – from its very assumption – an attempt of providing an answer to complex problems of the dynamically changing world: social, religious, cultural and civilizational. The confines of the subject matter reflection are delineated by a marked, by the means of the title of the first volume of the periodical triad: human being (person) – family – society, the source of inspiration of which is the most important document of the Second Vatican Council: Gaudium et Spes constitution. The initiative garners support from the institutional cooperation of scientists, chiefly from Europe and the United States of America.


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