“Studia Etnologiczne i Antropologiczne'' is a scientific journal with an ethnological and anthropological profile which is a forum for presenting the recent scientific research that concern phenomena and cultural processes taking place locally, regionally as well as globally with particular reference to Central and Eastern Europe and Eastern Europe. 

The journal particularly encourages the submission of papers focusing on border issues, border culture, border urbanization, bordering dynamics and borderlands. The emphasis on borders is not only but also global.

''Studia Etnologiczne i Antropologiczne'' publishes scientific papers as well as reports about the research from all social science and humanities. 

The range of topics which our editorial office focuses on cover scientific dissertations and latest news from researches carried out in the field of ethnology and cultural anthropology. „Studia Etnologiczne i Antropologiczne” enables ethnologists, anthropologists and folklorists to discuss, exchange experiences and examine the results of current research.

We are particularly keen to publish ethnographic works presenting field research in the Global South (Africa in particular).