Aims and scope of the journal

The journal aims is to present the achievements and reflections to all those interested in speech therapy as a science of biological conditions of language and linguistic behavior, and in the description of relations between speech, thinking and reality expressed in language. “Logopedia Silesiana” covers topics related to speech, its development and disorders, issues that are socially important because they indicate the practical and theoretical aspects of communicating with people of different ages. The articles show the interdisciplinary nature of speech therapy and include medical, linguistic, psychological and pedagogical perspectives on speech in development and in disorders. The journal presents the results of important research projects, materials and aids useful in speech therapy practice. The journal is intended to be a scientific forum that will foster both the development of logopedic science and the promotion of logopedic culture.


Representatives of international university humanities and an interdisciplinary audience: researchers, doctoral students, students, and in particular specialists and readers interested in the culture of language and the biological conditions of speech development and disorders, linguistics, and speech therapy and its perspectives on the medical, linguistic, psychological, and pedagogical description of speech in norms and disorders.