Articles should be submitted through the Open Journal System platform (more).

Authors are encouraged to review the Author’s guide (download PDF), which provides basic information about an author's use of the OJS platform.

The Editorial Team of “Logopedia Silesiana” evaluates the submitted article and decides whether to accept or reject it. The basis for qualification are: originality, relevance to the field of study, to the scope (more) and publishing policy of the journal (more: Publication schedule, Code of ethics, Open access and archiving), observance of the requirements for the scientific workshop and the substantive level of content, observance of all legal regulations concerning defamation, copyright and related rights, image rights (more), and the compliance with editorial guideline (more).

The author receives information about the results of the evaluation through the OJS system no later than two weeks after the article is submitted.

An article that has been pre-approved by the Editorial Board goes through the peer review process (more).

The review process concludes with a decision to accept the article for publication or to reject it.

The waiting time for peer reviews and the decision on the final qualification of the text for publication is up to three months.

Submission of an article for publication in “Logopedia Silesiana” is tantamount to the author’s declaration of compliance with the procedures and rules applicable to “Logopedia Silesiana” as presented on the journal’s website.